Put a Glass of Water Under Your Bed Every Night And You Will Be Amazed!

The reasons for most of the mental illnesses are generally biological or psychological factors, but they also can be caused by spiritual elements. These aspects are the factor why one patient does not respond well to a treatment, or why the illness progresses.

If this is true, we have an amazing routine that is going to calm your mind and eliminate the negative energy. The medications are excellent; however trusting the performance of natural remedies could help you recuperate much better.

Unfavorable energies might definitely influence your mental health which is why they require to be removed with a spiritual routine.

The ritual that we have for you today involves putting a glass of water under the bed so as to eliminate the bad vibes.

Water is one of the primary elements that brings in the unfavorable energies and can effectively remove them.
When you put a glass of water under your bed, it is going to suck out all the negative energy from the room.

The next action you need to do is to get rid of the water early in the morning, and change it with fresh water for the next night. You can repeat this procedure for as long as you like.


As we have said previously, the routine is really simple- just put some plain water in some clean glass, then put the glass under the bed and leave it during the night. In the morning, look at the glass- if it’s clouded and the water has bubbles, it implies that it has absorbed the negative energy. Even if the glass is clear and the water is not that bubbly, it must have taken in all the bad vibes.

The final step is to flush the diluted water the toilet and repeat the procedure again by putting a glass of fresh water under the bed for the next night. You should never ever use the same water from the night before.


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