If You Have a Mole at One of These 7 Places on Your Body, This Is what it Means. You Will Be Surpris…

Every person has some mole on their body. They can vary in size and amount. However, what you may have not known is that their location on the body can have some special meaning. Therefore, some moles are associated with the person’s wealth, others with family fortune or with their health. In order to find out more about your opportunities, continue reading.

Moles on the temple

In case you have a mole on this part of your face, it means that you are going to travel a lot. It could be because of your job or purely for pleasure.

Moles between the eye and the eyebrow

In case you have a mole in this area, it means that you’re a person who has no problems with adapting. You are a friendly person and a leadership position is the perfect one for you.

Moles between the eyebrows

These moles have something to do with your professional development and advancement and they indicate some promotion, rise in salary, and other similar aspects of your career.

Moles on the upper lip

You are probably someone who is interested in clothing and food the most. Your interpersonal skills are great and you are very popular among friends.

Moles on the cheekbone

This can indicate that your financial situation is going to improve since your position at work will be a very powerful one.

Moles on the palms

Having a mole on the palms means that you are always going to be financially stable. Moreover, you are an ambitious, smart person with amazing leadership skills. In case the mole is on the back of the palm, it means that you are good with economy.

Moles on your feet

If you have moles on your feet, it means that you will have the pleasure to travel very often, enjoy different cuisines and experience different cultures. Moreover, you are very popular at work and you have well developed leadership skills that could be of great use.


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