8 Foods That Can Kill Your Intelligence

Do you face trouble focussing on something? Do you constantly experience a ‘brain fog’?

These days, everyone is talking about nutrition. What shall I eat that will help me to lose weight? What shall I eat to gain a few pounds? What shall I eat to improve my memory? These are some common questions circulating around.

Every food is good as long as you eat it in the right quantity and at the right time. But, were you aware that there are a few foods that can kill your intelligence? They are bad for your brain and reduce its ability to focus. Mentioned below are the foods that contribute to killing your intelligence (slowly, but surely!).

1. Alcohol
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We all know that excessive alcohol consumption is bad for our health as it damages the liver. Along with it, alcohol consumption also causes brain fog, which, in other terms, is also called mental confusion. It is a state where you cannot recall past events or the names of a few items and you’re unable to recall whether certain events happened to you in reality or if they were just dreams.

2. Artificial Sweeteners
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Though they contain fewer calories and help in losing weight, their consumption has major drawbacks. If taken for a prolonged period, they can cause brain damage and also kill your intelligence.

3. Junk Food
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Junk food contains a lot of sugar, preservatives, and additives that not only make you crave more of them but also introduce free radicals in your body, which have a negative impact on the brain.

4. Nicotine
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Nicotine has never been considered good for consumption as it creates an obstacle in the flow of blood, glucose, and oxygen in the body. It also causes premature aging and increases the risk of cancer and loss of intelligence.

5. Processed Protein
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Foods containing processed proteins, such as hot dogs or sausages, have exactly the opposite reaction on the body than that of natural proteins and can cause damage to the brain.

6. Fructose (Sugary Products)
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It is always recommended to avoid sugary foods that are rich in fructose since they can lead to neurological problems and interfere with the memory. They can also affect the ability of the brain to learn new things.

7. Salty Food
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Salty foods, especially pickles, can turn out to be brain killers if consumed excessively. Since salt affects blood pressure, it can also take a toll on the memory and affect your intelligence.

8. Fried Food
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Fried foods contain monosodium glutamate i.e. MSG that clogs the arteries and has been linked to brain damage.

Now that you are aware that these foods can cause damage to your brain, avoid eating them. Choose health!

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