The Major Beauty Mistake That Could Be Sabotaging Your Skin

You might be a true makeup fanatic, but there is one part of your makeup regimen that could be sabotaging your skin. Yes, we are talking about your favorite makeup tool – your makeup brush.

You (hopefully) wash your face regularly and follow the CTM routine religiously. However, while applying the makeup, you also apply a week’s worth of grime and dirt back to your face. How? With your dusty and sticky brush, of course!

The fact is, if we neglect to sanitize our makeup brushes even after using them multiple times, dirt, oil, and makeup residues start accumulating on the bristles. This, in turn, causes acne, breakouts, and of course, terrible color payoff. And whenever we suffer from skin irritation, we often end up blaming the makeup products, whereas the culprit behind those breakouts is the tool that you used to apply those makeup products.

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Brushes are a breeding ground for germs, and when you dip them into your gels or creams, you multiply the level of germs for the next use, and the infection keeps on transferring from your face to the products, and back on your face. Now you know why it is always suggested not to share your makeup products with others.

No matter how much you invest in quality products, you spoil them and your skin with just a simple mistake. Thus, you should never forget to clean and sanitize your brush.

Now, the next question is, how often should you clean your makeup brush?

So, here is the answer:
Along with your makeup brush, you must always remember to buy one more thing, and that is, a brush cleaner. Brush cleaners, especially the professional ones, are specially formulated to eliminate the germs and break down the makeup residues that tend to settle on the brush.

As soon as you are done with your makeup, make it a habit to clean your brush immediately. Also, consider washing your brush at least once in a week.

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Now that you know how to protect your skin from getting sabotaged, what are you waiting for? The first thing that you should be doing now is washing your makeup brush!

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