Everything About Skin Problems, Remedies and Diet Recipes

What is beautiful skin? Something that is lustrous to look at? Fair and clear? No acne? Or just something that’s extremely healthy and supple from the inside? Well, we all have different opinions and personal choices when it comes to our favourite kind of skin. Clothes, accessories, makeup, all these make each one of us look different. But when it comes to skin, everyone needs just one thing- healthy skin! No one wants unhealthy skin. And needless to say, healthy skin isn’t just about good inner layers of tissues but also the look it gives from the outside! Skin that’s unhealthy inside and has poor tone can be made to look perfect from the outside with make-up, photography and even surgeries. But skin that has breakouts, pimples, acne and other problems on the surface clearly means it needs help!

The market is flooded with high-end, expensive products that promise to do wonders for glowing skin. But little do we know that it’s all short term. A product that’s man-made with chemicals, preservatives with a bit of the good concentration and still promises long term, permanent benefits, just sounds too good to be true!

So what’s the best deal? The best thing to do any day is to go all-natural! Yes, there are brands in the market that promise all naturally made ingredient products. But could there be anything better than making your own products and a list of natural remedies that are safe, hygienic, pure, cheap and extremely easy to obtain right from the cupboards of your kitchen or store room? Yes, this is possible and is very easy to do.

What more? You will have the skin you’ve always wished for right in the comfort of your house. But apart from just products to be applied, skin care starts from the basics. And that’s the routine that you follow for your skin. It’s very essential for every skin type to follow healthy habits. If you don’t possess that, whatever natural ingredients you use for your skin beautification, sadly isn’t going to work!

Healthy habits for your skin:
There are tons of signs of poor health and poor skin. Everyday takes a bad toll on us. Try these tips for healthy skin care.

Know your Skin The number one step to all your skin troubles and skin goodness is to know your skin! By now, all of us know what skin type we are, what suits our skin, what our skin loves, hates and so on. But if you are one of those who need the integrate details of your skin, you can check out the new technological procedures like the skin analysis machines. They give you a detailed summary of your skin.

PS-don’t forget to wash the face well after a workout. The opened pores from all the sweating will need a clean wash.

Scrub and Exfoliate To remove the dead cells from the upper layer of the skin and to open, clean your pores, you need to scrub your skin at least twice a week. If you have sensitive skin, do it one a week. But don’t miss this important step in your routine. Take a light exfoliating product and use that according to your skin. Make sure it’s neither too hard for you nor too soft. This removes the upper dead cells layer of the skin and brings out the new fresh skin from beneath.

Manage your Stress Levels Who loves challenges? All of us! But today, stress is a free product that comes along with life’s challenges. Research says, the number one cause of all minor and major skin infections and diseases. The body releases cortisol and this in turn increases the production of toxins and oil. Stress aggravates new as well as already existing skin problems and diseases like psoriasis, eczema and a lot worse ones can follow. Therefore, to avoid all of this, being content and keeping stress at bay is a recommended.

The “Happy” Vitamin Just like how stress does all the wrong things to your skin, when you are happy and smiling, the skin blooms too! The most popular hormones that are released when you are tension free are endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. These hormones are responsible for the bio chemical process in your body that gives you the happy kick. They block all the cortisol and other bad hormones, giving the sheen on your skin that you always wanted!!

Types of Skins and the Problems Associated with Them:
The main skin types are oily skin, dry skin and normal skin.

  • Normal skin, just like it sounds, is very normal and lucky. It doesn’t need a lot of care because its balanced naturally and isn’t prone to a lot of skin troubles.
  • Dry skin needs attention for adding moisture into it at least twice a day. Its dry and flaky most of the times and needs a lot of water, oil, and vitamin E to keep it healthy and supple.

Top Herbal Home Remedies for Some Common Skin Problems:
Skin Whitening: No offence but sadly, the white craze is still on in our country. But if it’s just the colour you like, then there’s absolutely no harm in trying to lighten your skin!

  • Tomatoes also have bleaching and astringent properties. Tomatoes help maintain the ph balance in skin and prevent oil from accumulating on the layer. This prevention makes the skin look a lot clearer and brighter than compared to the original skin tone.

  • Curd or yogurt is another herbal kitchen product that many experts swear by. The best part is, you can either eat this common yet effective kitchen product or apply it to your face. The results will be the same clear skin! The lactic acid helps removing the dead cells from the skin layer, unfolding brighter skin!

Herbal Remedy for Skin Whitening: Using the above simple herbal home products, you can make a wonderful face pack for skin whitening:

Mix one tbspn tomato juice, one tbspn lemon juice and a little curd. Mix and apply on the face completely. Leave to rest for 15 minutes and rinse off for a glowing complexion!

  • Honey is great for firming the skin, moisturizing it and giving it that glaze of sheen that it has. The sticky honey creates an excellent glow!
  • Cinnamon has anti-microbial properties. That means it helps the skin keep bad bacteria at bay.

Herbal Remedy for Acne and Pimples: Make a combo mask of these two excellent herbal home products. Take 2 tbslp of honey and mix it them 1 tspn of cinnamon powder. Apply this either just on the pimples and the affected area or to your entire face! Rest for 15 mins and rinse off well. Take your time here because the mixture gets sticker when dried.

Black Heads and White Heads: We all know how irritating these heads are. Black or white, fighting them for good seems almost impossible. But we can definitely make sure they stay away for long!

  • Soap or facewash, whatever you prefer and whatever suits your skin type.
  • Great as a scrubber.

  • Egg white is a basic protein filled natural ingredient. It’s also used for skin tightening and shrinking the skin pores.
  • Tea tree oil, like any oil is full of moisturizers. It soothes dry and flaky skin and gives it a new health!

Herbal Remedy for Wrinkles: Mix up a tablespoon of egg white with a few drops of tea tree oil.  Keep on the anti-aging mask till it dries and wash off. You will have not just younger skin, but also acne free and moisture filled skin in a few weeks!

Tips and Tricks for healthy, glowing skin:

  • Refrigerate your night creams. They work better!
  • If you are working, find a physically active job.
  • Use your oats as mild scrubs.
  • Use sugar for a natural, more aggressive scrubbing.
  • Don’t forget to do your daily facial exercises- Smile more!

The best thing about all herbal home ingredients is that it has no side effects at all. Try and discover your favourite one!

Always remember that your skin is your best friend. It stays with you all the time in thick and thin. It deserves to be loved and taken good care of. After all, healthy skin means a happy you!


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