We Should All Know These 10 Things About Our Blood Type!

There are four blood types all people belong to and they are A, B, AB, or 0. The blood type of a person is determined from their birth.

According to experts, every blood type has its own features, shared by its members. Here are the most important characteristics of blood types:

Blood type and offspring
Nearly 85 percent of the people around the world are Rh positive. Nevertheless, in case that the woman is Rh negative and the man who she conceives with is Rh positive, there is a high risk that their child will develop some health problem.

Blood type and illnesses
Every blood type can be more or less prone to some health issue or condition, and depending on it, one should find out their own risks and try to reduce them.

Blood type and nutrition
Everyone should know their blood type in order to know the foods beneficial for their health and those less beneficial or harmful. Thus, people who belong to the A blood type should focus on eating more vegetables.

People who belong to the 0 blood type are recommended to eat more proteins in the form of meat and fish, and people with AB blood type should focus on lean meat and seafood. In the end, people who belong to the B blood type should focus on eating more red meat.

Blood antigens
Blood antigens can be found in the blood, lungs, nostrils, digestive tract, the colon, and in the mouth.

Blood type and stress
People who belong to the 0 blood type need more time to relax after a stressful situation than others.

Blood type and weight problems
The blood type often times determines the belly fat on a person. Namely, people who belong to the 0 blood type are more prone to belly fat, while people with A blood type generally do not suffer from such issues.

Blood type and pregnancy
Women with AB blood type conceive much easier compared to others, since they have a reduced production of follicle-stimulating hormones.

Blood type and emergencies
If someone needs a blood transfusion, they need to remember that people with 0Rh negative blood type are universal donors and people with AB blood type are universal recipients. Knowing this will save you a valuable time in emergency cases.



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