Back pains can pose a lot of problems in your daily lives. It can really spoil your mood and the course of your work. What do you do when you are suffering from a crazy back pain? Most people would go for the obvious – massaging the back or the pain area. However, did you know that you can actually locate your spine’s point at the edge of your foot? This is the main point from where all back problems emerge. Foot reflexology is a famous therapy for treating back pain and has been used as a remedy for it since ages. If done properly, it can help in getting rid of your back pain, tension and stiffness.

Most of the back pains that we get are non-specific and random and cannot be linked to any particular event such as an injury. Such back pains are not continuous and keep coming back sporadically. However, irrespective of the severity of your back pain, there are several foot reflexology and massage techniques that can soothe your pain and endow you with both short and long term relief. Do you know the best part of this technique? You won’t have to rely on someone else for you can massage your foot yourself and get the desired results! Isn’t that amazing?

Apart from the massage being beneficial for your pain, it is very pleasant and helps in improving other bodily functions as well. Take some time out of your busy schedule and dedicate a few minutes in massaging your foot to see the difference. You are sure to feel healthier and your back pain will disappear in no time. Wondering how the massage goes? Here’s what you need to do to effectively reduce the back pain that has been bothering you all this while.

Conduct foot massage in the below mentioned way to get rid of back pain:
First things first; it’s important to locate the spine points along the edge of your foot. This can be down by sitting down with your legs crossed. Now take one foot in your hand; the area from the heel to the big toe is what you should be concentrating on. This is your spine’s projection and holds the cure for that excruciating back pain. All the reflex points of your spine are located here.

Make sure you separate this area (from the heel to the big toe) visually, as if that is your spine and its parts. Support your foot with one hand and start applying pressure on the spine-line using your thumb. Use your thumb to work all the way from the tip of your big toe to your heel.

While doing this, press your thumb firmly into the skin along the spine-line so that you can apply pressure on each and every reflex spot. For those who have back problems, they will be able to locate the exact points where pressure needs to be applied.

You will be able to notice those key points as painful and kind of swollen. This should be your cue in giving yourself the massage. If you gently massage these pressure points, you can actually ease the spine and give yourself relief. This kind of massaging technique works great in curing back pain and getting rid of tension and stiffness as well.

Additionally, you can also work your sciatic nerve. The reflexes for this nerve are found just behind your ankle bone and continue up in a straight line for about 4 inches. Pain increases whenever these nerves are compressed. If you work on the reflex points of the sciatic nerve, it will eventually soothe the pain by improving blood circulation to the affected area.

So, next time you have suffering from back pain, you know what needs to be done.


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