Your Eyes Reveal Symptoms Of Numerous Serious And Deadly Diseases That Can Bury You Under The Ground…

Eyes that look swollen
When your eyes look swollen, it means that your thyroid gland is overactive, a condition known as hyperthyroidism.

Sty that does not go away
A sty that stays on your eyelid for more than three months or constantly reappears on the same place implies that you have cancer on the sebaceous glands.

Blurry vision while you use the computer
“Computer vision syndrome” is a condition that appears as a result of excessive strain of the eyes due to lack of contrast on the computer monitor combined with too much work.

A small blind spot on your eye with lights or wavy line

Disturbances of the eyesight are often the result of migraine and they are usually accompanied by strong headache.

The whites of the eyes become yellow

This is the result of hepatitis, which is a frequent occurrence in babies with underdeveloped liver function, as well as in people who suffer from liver problems, problems with the gallbladder, and problems with the bile ducts.

Double vision, blurred vision, or vision loss
Generally, these occurrences are considered to be signs of heart attack. If you notice this symptom occurring all of a sudden, you should call your doctor or an ambulance, or 911.

Blurry vision in diabetics
Eye problems, including retinopathy – a condition where the eye circulation is affected by the disease, are pretty common in diabetics. This is the leading cause of blindness in adult people that suffer from diabetes.

Losing the hair of the eyebrows
If your eyebrows get thinner and thinner and if one third of the hairs that consist them have fallen, then you probably suffer from thyroid dysfunction, which is a serious disruption of the function of the thyroid gland.

A natural way to maintain the health of your eyesight
You should quit smoking, as cigarettes release free radicals which affect the eyesight in a negative way. You should also protect the health of your cardiovascular system, as high blood pressure can harm the blood vessels on the cornea. You should also keep the levels of blood sugar normal, as increased blood sugar levels can also harm the cornea. Consume a lot dark green leafy vegetables (especially kale), as they can help you maintain your eyesight healthy, thanks to the presence of lutein and zeaxanthine. Make sure you take in omega-3 fats, as they help when it comes to improvement of the eyesight. However, when it comes to omega-3 fats intake, you should not opt for fish, as the fat it contains is intoxicated. You should avoid trans-fat, found in fried chicken, margarine, donuts, cookies, crackers, and pastry. Avoid aspartame, as it is bad for the eyesight as well.

Antioxidants – the best friends of the eyesight
Antioxidants play a major role as they protect your body from free radicals. The best and the most beneficial antioxidants are lutein, zeaxanthine, antocian black currants, and astaxathine. Here is the list of the ingredients that contain them:

Lutein helps the central eyesight
Lutein and zeaxanthine are compounds found in the yellow stains, and their roles are absorption of the excess energy of the photons and destroying free radicals before they damage the lipid membrane. They are mostly found in the central part of the retina, the yellow parts of the pigment, and serve to protect the central eyesight. In nature, they are found in dark green leafy vegetables and fruits, such as oranges.

Astaxanthin – a powerful protection against the major form of blindness

Astaxanthin is even more powerful than lutein and zeaxanthine and protects us from various eyesight problems, such as cataract, old age macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, arterial occlusion of the retina, venous occlusion, cystoid edema, and inflammatory eye diseases (including retinitis, iritis, keratitis, and scleritis). Due to all this, this powerful antioxidant can be of great help for you. You are recommended to take 2 – 4 mg of astaxanthin on a daily basis.


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