When we have some leftovers, we like to reheat them and consume them for the second or maybe the third time, especially when it is our favorite food.

However, some foods after reheating are safe for eating, but others are not and they can cause damages to our organism. It may be hard to believe that some healthy foods, when reheated, can be a possible danger to us, but they actually lose their nutrients after warming them up. Here, we are going to present you the list of 7 foods which you should not warm and eat again.

1. Spinach

Reheating spinach is really not safe and this should never be done. Spinach should only be eaten immediately after it is being cooked. The reason for this, are the nitrates that are found in the spinach. When we warm it up, the nitrates then transform into nitrites and that makes the spinach carcinogenic for our bodies.

2. Celery

People usually use this for preparing soups. Just like the one before, celery also contains nitrates which transform into nitrites after we reheat it. When you are making a soup with celery in it, you should either eat it the whole immediately or remove the celery from it before you warm it. The same thing goes for carrots.

3. Beets

Beets are another food which contains nitrates and can be very harmful and destructive for our body when we reheat them.

4. Potato

This vegetable is very useful because it has a lot of health benefits. However, those benefits, as well as their dietary quality can be lost if you don’t eat them the same day that you have cooked them.

Eating them on another day and reheating them instead of useful, makes them dangerous for your body.

5. Eggs

When the eggs are reheated, fried and boiled, that makes them lethal for your organism so you should never do that.

6. Chicken

Chicken can be exceptionally dangerous when it is eaten a day after being prepared. It can cause you some digestive problems, because the structure of the proteins in it changes the following day. This can be a reason for worry, as the chicken meat contains much more protein then the red meat. The chicken meat should be eaten cold. If you absolutely need to reheat the chicken, be sure to do it on a low temperature for a long period of time.

7. Mushrooms

When the mushrooms are reheated, they present the highest health risk. They should be eaten immediately after they are prepared, or eaten cold the next day. When you consume reheated mushrooms, you can put yourself at risk of having digestive, as well as heart problems.

You must be careful of the types of leftovers you put in the oven or in the microwave. You should avoid reheating the foods that we listed above, in order to avoid potential health problems.


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