How Much Fat Can You Lose In One Month By Eating Only Lean Protein, Vegetables, And Fruits ?

If you are dealing with excess weight, than the diet mentioned in the title above is the right solution for you because it will help you achieve your goals in the given frame.

In order to achieve that, you should make some changes in your eating habits which will help you shed the extra fat and maintain a healthy body composition.

Another important thing to know is that you need to reduce the amount of food you eat and incorporate a healthy exercise regimen.

The basics of weight-loss

This diet contains products you should consume such as fruits, veggies and lean proteins and the best part is that they have fewer calories than meats that are high in fat and various snacks.

Nevertheless, you should still count your calorie intake and try to consume less. Make sure to consume 500 to 600 hundred fewer calories per day in order to lose 3 to 4 pounds in one month.

Food Choices

Make sure to buy fresh products because food conserved in cans contains added sugar which only adds calories that will sabotage your progress. Instead eating canned products, you should slice up some fruit and add some cinnamon on it.

Moreover, make sure to avoid veggies in sauces since they are already filled with fat, calories and salt. Another solution is to try steaming fresh veggies and add some paprika or soy sauce for flavor.


Besides changing your diet, you should also start doing some exercises which will help you speed up the process. One study discovered that those who exercise for a half an hour every day, lose even 500 calories per day. This means additional 4 pounds per month, which totals at 10 pounds.

Things to consider

This diet will help you lose up to ten pounds, but you should also consider it as a permanent diet because it will lead you into an entirely new lifestyle instead as a one-month challenge. If you make this your permanent diet and you exercise on a regular basis, you will maintain a healthy weight and your body will be well shaped as well.

Before you start this diet, consult your physician in order to make sure you don’t have some health problems that can put your life in danger.


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