Eyebrow Gels, Powders or Pencils : How to Find the Perfect Brow Product

Hey ladies,

Imagine your face well done but your eyebrows unruly and untamed. All your efforts wasted! These days there are so many brow products that it’s confusing to decide which one to pick. Every type serves a different purpose. You have powders, pencils, gels, pens, markers and the list goes on and on. Today, let’s see which is the best brow product for you and how you can choose it.

The eyebrow gels

These gels are best to hold the excess bushyness in place. This is a good on-the-go product as it can be quickly applied. For thicker looking eyebrows, brush up your brows with an eyebrow gel which adds definition and a hint of colour.

If you want to avoid the colour, you can use clear gels. If you need to fill gaps, use the tinted kind as they can fill gaps and provide natural-looking eyebrows. There is also no fear of your eyebrows getting ruined as the gel will keep them intact. If you cannot achieve the perfect look you want with the gel, use other products and then top them up with the gel to lock the products in. It’s like hair spray for your eyebrows. You can also lift your arches a little without having to use a pencil.

The eyebrow pencils

So, if you’re not comfortable with a lot of blending, avoid the pencils. If you’ve decided to pick up a pencil, find one which is soft, smooth and easily blendable. Be sure to check that it does not pull on your eyebrow hair and does not dry out and flake away after application. The pencils are best to reshape your eyebrows, hide scars, lengthen your tail, or heighten your arch.

The eyebrow powders

These are the basics to your eyebrow guide. Mix and match the products to get that eyebrows you desire. All the best!


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