How to Find the Right Lip Color for Your Wedding

By Srijita Poddar
Hi my lovely ladies,

How are you all doing? I’m back with another post, and this one is going to help you all solve your woes for that big day of your life. Yes, I am talking about your wedding day and the thing we are going to be talking about will absolutely make or break your look. Today you will find a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right lipstick for your wedding, here on IMBB.

⦁ Pick the right shade

⦁ Stick to your style

⦁ Choose a long-lasting lipstick

⦁ Say yes to moisture

⦁ Read reviews and research well

⦁ Always keep the shade handy
Absolutely do not forget to carry the shade with you to your venue. If you feel too overburdened to worry about these details, hand over your lipstick to your bridesmaid or your best friend so that after the eating or talking, reapplication of your lipstick won’t require a very long treasure hunt.

⦁ Say no to nudes


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