Today’s Makeup : Orange Eyes + Tutorial

Hi Everyone,
Today’s makeup is something that I have never tried before. Mostly because my love for neutral eyeshadows prevents me from trying out different colors. But for a while I have been on a hunt for a particular terracotta orange eyeshadow. You know how they say sometimes you should shop from your own closet. This is exactly what happened with me. I was going through my stash and this eyeshadow from MAC called brick red was actually the shade I was on a hunt for since many days. It’s funny how things happen with me. Let me tell you that I am already obsessed with this eyeshadow color. It’s a perfect mix between my neutral eyeshadows and something that adds a bit of pop to the eyes.
So there you have it, an easy peasy eye makeup look.
Step 1 : Apply eyeshadow primer and come compact
Step 2 : Apply a peachy brown eyeshadow using a fluffy brush on your crease. This will kelp you with blending the eyeshadows later.
Step 3 : Using a flat brush, apply this teracotta orange eyeshadow all over the lid.
Step 4 : Apply a dark chocolate brown eyeshadow on the outer V of the lid.
Step 5 : Apply winged eyeliner. Checkout my tutorial on the same HERE
Step 6 : Apply eye kohl on waterline
Step 7 : Apply the orange eyeshadow on middle of lower lash line
Step 8 : Apply dark brown eyeshadow on outer corner of lower lash line.
Step 9 : Use a shimmery shadow on inner corner
Step 10 : Finish off with tons of mascara. Done!
I co-ordinated with a matching lipstick and blush. Was in that kind of a matchy mood. Hope you like it and give this look an shot. It’s a very every day kind of a makeup look because the eyeshadows are matte , have a bit of color but are still soft. You could make a shorter wing if you prefer.
See you soon! :-*

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