How to decorate decoupage technique and covered with mosaics

Watches are made on vinyl. Declared in decoupage technique and covered with mosaics.

Mosaics made of computer disks.
The idea of a mosaic seen on MSP channel “Master class with Natasha Fohtinoy”, where she decorated a plate.

Discs cut simple scissors, preferably not with plastic handles, as in the process of cutting out some scissors I have broken (cracked plastic handle).
And if there is a pair of scissors for metal, they are the same for this job !!!
For convenience, in the follow-cut discs I disassembled into several parts: large squares, smaller, etc.

Apply at the place where it will be mosaic, acrylic filler, about 5 minutes to dry and gave the start to spread plitochki bit of pushing.

When everything is laid out, we leave our watch to dry for a day.
After drying, I again took paralonchikom putty and applied over the mosaic, distributing it in all the cracks. Minutes 10-15 dry paralonchikom tried to remove a layer of putty with themselves plitochek because after complete hardening putty wash it will be quite difficult.

Well, when all is dry, we rub our mosaic and decorate the seams to your liking. You could leave and white, but I decided to paint them green and then walked around him a gold outline.

In the interior.

In another light.


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