This Is a Russian Elixir for Eternal Youth; You Need Only 4 Plants to Look 20 Years Younger (Recipe)

Russian traditional medicine has many healing recipes. The elixir for eternal youth can also be found somewhere between these Russian healing recipes. This amazing elixir is full with healing herbs like cilantro, chamomile, birch buds and asteraceae.

These herbs have numerous healing properties. Consuming this elixir for eternal youth, you will helps in slowing down the aging process, you will be full of confidence and you can compare yourself with people who are even 20 years younger than you.

Ingredients for the elixir:

  • 100 grams of cilantro
  • 100 grams of chamomile flowers
  • 100 grams of birch buds
  • 100 grams of asteraceae flowers

Mix all the plants and put them in hermetically sealed container.

Take one tablespoon of this mixture and pour 500 ml. of boiling water over it. Leave it to stay for around 20 minutes and then strain it.

Put the beverage in a thermos so as to keep it warm. Drink half of this beverage in the morning, on an empty stomach, and drink the other half 2 hours after your dinner. Don’t consume anything else afterwards.

This procedure should be done for one whole month. If you are satisfied with the results, you may repeat the procedure but only after 3-year break.

This wonderful Russian elixir will not only rejuvenate your appearance, but it will also improve your overall health. It will help you lose weight without changing your diet and will improve the work of your metabolism. It will also cleanse your body of toxins, improve your heart, liver and kidneys.

If you want to improve the taste of this drink, you can add little bit of honey in it.


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