Why Everyone In Asia Is Coloring Their Hair Platinum

Platinum blond had always remained the domain of those with pale skin tones. But now, you see people of all skin tones flaunting platinum locks and looking fabulous doing it. Which of course, brings forth the question, why is everyone in Asia trading in their darker locks for platinum ones?

1. Because Platinum Is In

Platinum hair has never really been out of style. From Marilyn Monroe to Madonna, cultural icons have constantly been sporting it. There might have been a couple of years when its popularity seemed to have waned. But it’s back, and everyone and their sister seems to be bleaching their hair all the way to platinum.

The platinum obsession seems to be spreading on a global scale, and people all over Asia are ditching their brunette locks for white-blond ones.

2. All The Celebs Are Doing It

You often hear how a new hairstyle can change your life. Life certainly changed for Soo Joo Park, whose popularity soared after she bleached her almost-black hair. The Korean-American took the word by storm with her signature platinum locks, which she cites as the reason for her meteoric success.

And she is not the only person of Asian descent to have let go of her dark locks. With more and more Asian celebs going blond or platinum, it is an inevitable trend.

3. It Breaks Down Cultural Stereotypes

We often make the assumption that people of a certain ethnicity have to look a certain way. And people of Asian descent are strongly associated with straight, raven-colored tresses. It has been a long-held belief that they cannot pull off blond hair. That it would look too unnatural or too fake. Which is why, going platinum is not merely a fashion statement. It is an act of rebellion that fights against the cultural stereotypes that exist in our society.

4. It’s Fun And Different

The internet is rife with a kaleidoscopic display of new, funky hair. And you can now add platinum to the list of fun colors. With a warmer skin tone, platinum looks as striking as blue or purple. So bring out the fun, funky you with a color that is so unique, it will always make you the center of attention.

Platinum hair needs time, effort, and a lot of upkeep. But in the end, everyone who has had their hair bleached has claimed that it is worth it.


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