4 Hair Color Trends You Need To Try In 2016

With the advent of 2016, all the fashion lovers out there are getting prepared to roll with the fashion trends this year would bring. The ‘artificial’ looks that were popular in 2015 are so not in anymore. So, let’s take a sneak peek at the four hair coloring trends that are going to be big in 2016.

1. Balayage Technique
After all those foilyage and fluid hair painting techniques, it is time that we opt for the age-old Balayage technique brought to the US by the French. It suits all types of hair, be it close cropped or long. It stays longer on your hair as well and hence spares you from revisiting your hairstylist every few weeks. Bye Bye foiling and cap highlighting hair coloring techniques!

Balayage is a free-hand hair coloring technique that gives a much more natural look, depending on the colors you opt for. Confused about what colors to choose? Try buttery beige and sandy blonds. They look amazing on most skin tones.

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2. Color Melting Technique
Color melting technique is pretty new and the multi-dimensional effect it creates is awesome! Three colors are applied to each hair strand. For instance, a deep brown is applied to the upper part of the hair strand, a golden brown at the middle, and a rose gold at the tip. A minimum of three colors are essential for Color Melting. Using the heavy feathered technique, these colors are blended with a color brush i.e., one color just melts into the other. Only experienced hands are good at Color Melting and much depends on their creativity. It is certainly time consuming, but worth it – the final look is great!

3. Deliberate Roots
Unlike the Color Melting technique, Deliberate Roots is neither time consuming nor expensive. The hair dresser colors your roots a darker shade, for instance, a dark brown, and slowly lightens down the shade to, say, fair blond till the tips. The darker root is hence very obvious. Getting the light brown color done at the roots, which then mellows down to rose-gold peaches for the entire length of the hair is an excellent way to rock this look. Kylie Jenner has popularized this style.

4. Bright Pop
Bright Pop is the fourth technique that you should go for. This style best suits the party animals. Instead of coloring your entire hair uniformly with bright plums, dark navies, neons, or bright magenta, a style that went viral in 2015, choose to color only a few strands with these color pops. That would add beauty and style to your looks.

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Go ahead and try out these new hair coloring styles. You will look absolutely gorgeous!


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