Make clutch purse with newspaper tube

Finally, after having rolled up countless straws ..and I got left I do not know how many times the plot .
I got there in the end ..and I am very satisfied with the result

I wanted to try a new starting technique

once I prepared the base have raised the straws for vertical machining

I reached the desired height I closed the work on the three sides finishing with a border to torcione. During processing, which lasted (for lack of time) for about a month, Nina had fun like crazy to get in and out of the basket.

I then worked on the last leg straws to create the cover

inserting remotely adjust the two horizontal straws fixing them with a kind of cross stitch to vertical straws

once the work I gave in and out of two hands slightly diluted white glue, this procedure made my very solid basket and almost impermeable

I think Nina deems it owns

but I have already evicted
because I have to give away

work the newspaper straws is a very enjoyable pastime
with this humble recycled materials you can create an infinite number of objects.


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