Griffin Stitch-photo workshop from Mary Corbet

Griffin Stitch is a lattice filling used in hand embroidery, counted work, and canvas work. As with most lattice fillings, it’s easiest worked on an even-weave fabric, but it can also be worked on a plain weave fabric, and I’ll talk about that as we go through this tutorial.
Let’s make the stitch. Ready?

When working on linen or other fabric, use a hoop or frame when working lattice fillings.
For needles, I used a crewel needle in size 3, switching to a size 22 tapestry needle for the final step.

Stitch counting seam or pulling different special concise and distinctive style.
Broaching embroider not only the thread, but narrow ribbons

For this pattern, first create a lattice of long stitches

Pave long horizontal stitches

Then, in the same way they make the long vertical stitches

Then the long diagonal stitches

At the other side – the diagonal stitches.

Then, fix the contrast stitching yarn short diagonal weave stitches

And four short stitches fixed point crosses all lines and diagonal stitches


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