Cashew Chicken Fried Rice

Chinese cuisine is the most favourite cuisine for most people out there. Whenever you go to any restaurants, you look for fried rice, noodles, dishes like Manchurian or Schezwan chicken, etc. All these preparation are completely different from each other and you’ll need specific ...Read More

Japchae (Chap Chae)

"Most loved Korean noodle dish Japchae also called as jabchae, chapchae or jobchae is a feast of tastes. Here I’ve used traditional set of vegetables & but you can always mix & match you veggies & meat with this dish. The method of separated ...Read More

Beetroot Curry

"There’s nothing like fresh beetroot curry & steamed rice. This is a traditional Sri Lankan dish however it’s cook in few different styles but the amazing taste is more or less same. It’s perfectly goes with any fish curry along with rice. Smaller fresh ...Read More