How to liquid embroidery

How to liquid embroidery LIQUID EMBROIDERY :MAKING FLOWER DESIGN USING SEQUINS, 3 D GLITTER, & OUTLINER <p><iframewidth="660" height="371" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> ...Read More

Beautiful! 15 Bathroom Design

15 ideas for minimalist modern bathroom design and get inspired how to design your own. Mirrors in the bathroom can look very nice and interesting and can visually enlarge the space. When it comes to elements, choose a white bathtub if you want to accentuate ...Read More

Revival of Carlina flower

Someone calls them thistles .. more “bread of the Alpine”,grow wild in our mountains.Now it is forbidden to pick them up. These have at least 15 years. The weather and dust them had now deprived of beautiful corolla, I was going to throw them ...Read More