The 17 Powerful Foods That Will Keep You Slim

Consuming foods high in flavonoids may prevent weight gain and accelerate weight loss, research suggests.

The researchers, from Harvard and the University of East Anglia (UEA) found that eating certain foods containing flavonoids, may significantly reduce the weight gain.

According to the nutrition professor at UEA and lead author on the study, Aedin Cassidy, the best foods to maintain your ideal weight are the following ones:

  • – Raspberries
  • – Blueberries
  • – Blackberries
  • – Strawberries
  • – Black currants
  • – Cherries
  • – Grapes
  • – Plums
  • – Radishes
  • – Tea
  • – Cocoa
  • – Pears
  • – Apples
  • – Citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, lemon)
  • – Onions
  • – Peppers
  • – Eggplants

The study reveals that only 80-gram servings of fruits and vegetables from this list can improve your health.

The researchers examined the associations between habitual consumption of all flavonoid subclasses and weight gain among 124, 086 American men and women.

The results showed that small amounts of flavonoids may influence the weight maintenance and even the moderate weight loss.


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