Figs In Olive Oil – The Best Remedy Against Stomach Bacteria

Many people have bacteria in their stomach that often cause many diseases, and the treatment can be quite difficult. Thankfully, we have a solution – figs in olive oil is the best remedy for this problem.


Put cut dried figs in a jar, then pour virgin olive oil over them and close the jar tightly. Leave the mixture to stay for 40 days.


Consume one piece of a fig every morning on an empty stomach along a teaspoon of olive oil. If you cannot wait for 40 days, prepare two jars of the mixture – open and start consuming the first one after a week, and let the other stay for 40 days.

For the best results, you need to change your diet too. Try avoiding any spicy or fried food, and stay away from fast food. Don’t eat too sour food and avoid the fatty meat, and try preparing food with cold pressed virgin olive oil.

People who have tried the remedy report that it can successfully cure infertility, hemorrhoids, intestinal diseases, constipation, bronchitis, asthma and other serious health conditions.


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