Attention-This Kind of Underwear can Damage Your Health.Beware !

Do you know that you are making mistakes that can cost your health by wearing improper underwear? Here are some of them:

  • Friction-Causing Tightness

Tight underwear can cause skin irritation and as well can harm your genitals. The women in menopausal period should be more careful because tight underwear thinning the vaginal wall and causes problems.

Solution: it doesn’t mean that you have to get skin irritation in order to stop wearing tight underwear. Try something that is your size and avoid irritation before happens.

Attention-This Kind of Underwear can Damage Your Health.Beware !

  • Wrong Kind of Fabric

People chose different materials for their underwear. Some of them prefer silk, other wear synthetic fabrics. And these materials are bad for the skin around the crotch area (it raises the ability of getting bacterial and yeast infection). These materials also increase the amount of moisture trapped in the crotch area and the wetness is usually retained there.

Solution: You can wear any kind of fabric you want, but make sure that cotton lines the crotch area.

  • Unconcerned about Sweat

If you have problems with sweating that keep in mind to protect down there. If you seat a lot, you probably sweat in that area as well. Woman should take more care, because the vagina is warm and moist, which makes it perfect place for developing yeast infection.


Change your underwear twice a day if you have problem with sweating more than usual. In this case you should avoid cotton underwear if you sweat a lot. You can also use a panty liner to prevent moisture from getting trapped in your underwear. This is helpful if you can’t change undies right away.

  • Wearing Underwear at Night, wearing Nothing During the Day

It is recommended for the women in menopausal period not to wear because of the hot flashes. But during the day not wearing underwear opens a lot of possibilities for infections.

Solution: Remove your underwear at night and make sure you wear undies during daytime. Look for the simple things, such as wearing underwear to avoid infection and irritation.


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