DANGER:This will Happen to your Legs if you Keep your LapTop in your Lap !

Nowadays lap tops are not luxury items as they used to be. Now almost every one can afford to buy a lap top as regular item.

But when we walk around some shopping centers or coffee shops if we observe, can notice that lots of people keep their lap tops in the laps and work something. So the fact is that many people use their thigs as a replacement table.

According to health experts there is a side effect of this. The heat that arises from the lap top can affect the skin.

This heat doesn’t lead to burns like sunburns but could damage the skin permeant and give the toasted skin syndrome. Although rare, the skin is exposed to the heat of the laptop can also cause the kerkulit. This is based on their research Heat from the laptop can reach 50 degrees Celsius.

According to many researches we have 10 kinds of negative effects cause by using lap top.

“The skin is dark when viewed under a microscope is similar to skin damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight,” said Dr. Kimberley Salkey, profesordermatologi from Eastern Virginia Medical School, USA. Medical reports

Try to keep your lap top on the table and not in your lap.


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