Don’t Do This When You Have Your Period, It Could Be Dangerous – Every Women Must Read!

What you mustn’t do when you have your period?

There are some things that you shouldn’t do when you have your period. In this time of the month, some women are blessed with a smooth passing, but some of them are going through hell. When you are in pain, there are many discomforts in your organism.Unprotected Sex

There is a big chance you get pregnant during this period. It is best to not have sex in order to avoid any infection.

Don’t Skip Meals

Try not to skip meals when you’re in a period. Have in mind that you are losing a lot of blood now and food will only make you more energetic.

Keep Away From Physical Work

If you have pain in the back or stomach during period you should avoid every physical work, because the pain will only be stronger.

Eat Fast Food

Eating fast food in 02:00 can seem like a good idea, but your stomach will not be very happy. Anyway, feel free do have some junk food. Just don’t consume it too much because you know it’s not healthy.


For most of us it’s impossible to skip work, but I would like to let women take some time on their own in this period of month. Obviously, the office can be empty most of the time, but one day wouldn’t hurt. Yet, nobody’s perfect, right?

Stay Up All Night

You will notice that you are going to feel better if you go to bed earlier, no matter that you’ll need more time to fall asleep. Put on some sleeping sounds on YouTube and you will feel the beauty of sleeping.

More advices:

  • Don’t drink ice-cold water. It may cause menstrual blood remaining in the wall of the uterus and after 5-10 years may cause cancer.
  • Avoid to drink soda.
  • Try not to eat cucumber. Some of the substances in cucumber can cause water retention in the wall of the uterus.

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