The Theory Of Beauty – A Conversation With Anshita Juneja

A beauty with brains, Delhi-based Anshita is the editor and founder of Vanity No Apologies, one of the best beauty blogs in India. She started the blog as a breather from the rigorous study of Economics (when studying for her Bachelor’s in Business Economics at Delhi University). And now, even though she’s pursuing her MBA, Vanity No Apologies remains her priority as she continues to churn out credible content for her readers.

Be it reviews of the latest beauty products launched in the market, the hottest trends, celeb news, the much-needed bridal advice, or even tutorials that will let you perfect a makeup technique, Vanity No Apologies has it all covered.

Bubbly and full of life, Anshita’s innocence is one of her most apparent qualities. While she is all witty and quirky, she also manages to maintain a certain composure. Her drive for perfection is remarkable. When I first met her, she was engrossed in trying to get a complicated hairstyle right. And in a few tries, she did! After which, she went on to answer my questions:

1. Why Vanity No Apologies?
Because I am vain and unapologetic! Okay, honestly, I read this phrase in one of my English books in school, and it was stuck in my head since.

2. Fondest memories when you look back on your blogging journey?
Lots of them actually! My first 1,000 followers, my first blogger award, the first time I was on Cosmopolitan and the likes, the first time I was in the papers – there is something new every day.

3. What is the best piece of advice you can give beauty lovers?
Always read the review on VNA before buying any new product.

4. What is your favorite piece of makeup and why?
It has to be lipstick. It takes less than a minute to apply, and instantly perks you up and pulls the whole look together.

5. Your thoughts on being the best makeup and beauty blogger in India?
Am I? Haha! It’s only because of the readers who trust my judgment and have been loyal followers ever since.

6. 5 women who inspired you to be the beauty blogger you are.
I guess Temptalia and Karen inspired me back then.

7. Where do you see your blog in five years?
Everywhere! I’ve so many new ideas for VNA, which I have already started working on.

8. Economics and beauty are worlds apart. How did you weave them together?
Shopping for makeup need not break our banks. That’s the message I always convey. By the way, Economics was so boring that beauty blogging was my only solace in college.

9. What is Anshita’s daily hair and beauty regime?
I keep it very natural and simple. No crazy ingredients or products. But I make sure the products I use are of good quality. On a daily basis, I only use a BB cream, mascara, and lipstick along with a good hair serum.

10. How in your opinion should one get skin and hair to die for?
Listen to your grandma and mom – they know all the secrets.

Rapid Fire
Favorite Color Of The Season: Mauve
Favorite Product Of The Season: Matte Lipsticks
All Time Favorite Lipstick: Bobbi Brown’s Dusty Pink
All Time Favorite Beauty Products: Ponds BB Cream, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara, Burt Bees Lip Balm, Maybelline Colossal Kajal, Sleek Brow Kit
Your Beauty Quick Fix: Dust some talcum powder on your scalp and brush your hair. Will save you from a tedious shampoo session early in the morning.
Favorite Makeup Artist: I recently had a great session with Afsha Rangila*
Items That Are Always In Your Bag: My phone, wallet, power bank (smartphones!), Kindle, lip balm, and half-eaten chocolates.
The Most Important Beauty Tip Your Mom Taught You: To always take out some time, at least one day in a week, to do a home spa, which includes a champi, face scrub, face mask, and body scrub.
Your Favorite Feature About Yourself – How Do You Accentuate It: Hair. Never tie it up!

I had a great chat with Anshita, and we shared some giggles too, as I drew two conclusions from my chat with her. One, women who love to look pretty and have a dire obsession for makeup can be very smart too (A thought that Anshita believes in strongly). And two, no matter how modern we get, grandma’s beauty secrets are always going to be the best!


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