Just With 3-Herbs On An Empty Stomach Will Kill Intestinal Parasites And Their Eggs!

There are so many people that believe parasite only live in exotic, tropical location, but surely this isn’t true. Anyone around the world can be affected by parasites, just from consuming food or drinks. Having a parasite in the body can cause so many deadly health problems, so it’s a must to get rid of these parasites as soon as possible.

What Are Parasites?

Parasites are organisms may live inside a person’s body; it will take all nutrients the person eats. There are millions of different kinds of parasites, which live in different parts of a person’s body. The one most people know of is having worms inside of the intestines making the persons stomach look fat and the rest of the body just bones. These intestinal parasites cause large amounts of pain, hunger, insomnia, irregular bowel movements and skin irritation.

The dangerous part amount parasite is the fact that they take the persons nutrients and begin to release toxins and waste into their blood stream, causing horrifying problems. Other types of parasites can live in other organs and muscle tissue, but these are really uncommon to find. Parasite are extremely hard to get rid of after they are there because once they lay eggs in the body the first generation of parasites is dead.

An Herbal Tea That Removes Intestinal Parasites

  • 500 mg powdered cloves
  • 200 mg wormwood
  • black walnut hull extract
  • 2 tablespoons honey (optional)

Stir the cloves, wormwood, and black walnut extract into 16 ounces of water. Add honey if it tastes too bitter to stomach.

Why Does This Tea Work?

This tea contains ingredients that have been proven to fight off parasites. The name woodworm comes from the medieval times, when they used it to get rid of parasites. Woodworm has a high amount of sesquiterpene that kills off the parasites; the factors destroy the parasites protective membranes. Black walnut contains a compound called juglone prevents parasites from taking the bodies nutrients. Besides killing off the parasites it also stimulates the colon, so the body flushes the worms out with bowel movements.

Typically, parasitic eggs are not affected by wormwood and black walnut. However, cloves contain a type of oil that destroys the casing around a parasite’s eggs, so that the eggs can be killed as well.

The Results

When you start taking this tea cleansing treatment expect to feel tired and nauseous because you body is destroying and get rid of these parasites. Once the black tea takes effect you will probably use the restroom quite often. Once everything is out of system you will feel a lot better. To get rid of everything it’s recommended to drink the tea every day for a week.

With this tea, you can get rid of any pesky parasites that are lingering within your body. It is made out of natural herbs, so there are not many unpleasant side effects as long as you do not take multiple doses at once. However, a few parasites, especially the ones that live outside of the gastrointestinal tract, are strong enough to resist this tea, so you should visit a doctor if you still have symptoms of a parasitic infection.


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