Struggles In The Third Trimester That Can Drive You Nuts

Glowing skin, gorgeous hair, no morning sickness, and average weight gain – what’s there to complain, right? Wait till your third trimester arrives.

The third trimester is the homestretch run. You are all ready to meet your bundle of joy. Unfortunately, like most pregnant women during this period, you have to wait, and in that waiting period, even the most mundane things can turn out to be most difficult.

1. Wearing That Beautiful Shoe

Remember Cinderella’s step-sisters trying on that glass shoe? Yes, the struggle is similar and much worse. Even if you are lucky enough to figure out a shoe from your closet that works best with your dress, all the best trying them on. Before you know it, you would soon be turning yourself into a pretzel to somehow fit those swollen feet into the shoes.

Slip-on shoes are not a problem, but stay far away from those belts, buckles, and tie-ups.

This holds true for basically anything that involves your legs. Forget all about shaving, or even getting up from that couch. No matter how graceful you try to appear, you will basically be plopping yourself when trying to sit on your favorite chair. And it doesn’t end there! If you wish to get up, be prepared for hands flailing wildly and still not getting anywhere.

2. Sleep? What Sleep?!

You are tired (even if you’re tired of being tired) and you wish to crawl to bed and finally get some shut-eye. But here’s the truth: the moment you think you can call it a day, your fetus thinks it’s time to party.

Been awake and tired at the same time? That is what the third trimester’s nights look like. And this is after you can overcome the scary dreams, the incessant need to pee, or the weird numbing pain from sleeping on one side.

3. When You Gotta Have It

Pickled sausage and Pepsi. Salsa, M&Ms, and orange soda. Lemonade and soy cream cheese! Your cravings can be of any kind. The craving is real and there, but it comes with a catch.

Want that sandwich at midnight? That’s good. Go get it. But the problem is that you will feel full after just a bite. You see, in your third trimester, you’re either full (and, by full I mean Thanksgiving full) or starving. There is no in-between. And after two hours, when you are hungry again, you might even hate the sight of that sandwich.

4. Romance Goes Down The Drain

Even a simple hug is gonna make you feel all squishy, and a kiss might bring out the acid reflux. Everything hurts and when it doesn’t, you are running to the washroom to pee for the nth time! Romance..what romance?

5. The Superpower of Smell

Yes, just like a dog, you are now blessed with a heightened sense of smell. Take a deep breath and nine out of ten smells would be about things that you didn’t even know had a scent. Things that used to smell awesome might repulse you now!

All these factors turning you off? Fear not, for this is only one aspect of motherhood that you involuntarily sign up for. Moreover, you might even (by some miracle of God) have no such issues in your third trimester. Till then, the struggle is real and be prepared for it.


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