These Bugs Reside In Your Bed And Harm Your Lungs And Back While You Sleep – Learn How To Kill Them …

Do you make your bed right after you wake up in the morning? Well, if you do, then you need to know that millions of dust mites that are living in your bed are now trapped between the sheets. These dust mites are feeding from your sweat and your dead skin cells. Disgusting, right? You should also know that these dust mites are potential threats and they might cause allergies and asthma.

So, unmade and open bed is going to expose them to sunlight and fresh air, the two things that will dehydrate and kill them. Everyone knows that people sweat while sleeping. The medical experts claim that an average adult person can sweat up to 1 liter of fluid per one night. Therefore, sweating is creating the perfect breeding environment for the dust mites to live and grow in. The experts also say that the number of dust mites that are “living” in an average bed could be even up to 1.5 million. And as we said before, they are breeding and living off our sweat and our dead skin cells, while we sleep.

However, these medical experts say that their existence is not the most important problem. The real problem is that these dust mites are leaving behind “waste”, which might cause health problems for people. So, their “waste”, if inhaled by people, can cause asthma and some dust allergies. Carolyn Forte, the main director of the cleaning lab at GHI (Good Housekeeping Institute), says that it is highly recommended for every person to leave their bed unmade for a while, during the morning. The main reason behind this is that the sheets are going to have the opportunity to dry from the nighttime sleep.

The director of the lab also mentions that it is the best to make your bed after eating your breakfast and getting ready for work. And also, you need to wash your sheet every week, or at least every 2 weeks. Of course, don’t forget the pillow cases too. Moreover, you also need to know that there are experts that say that you can leave your bed unmade during the whole day, and make it when you get home at night.

If the dust mites in your bed are exposed to fresh air and light during the entire day, they are going to dehydrate and die. In that way, you will make you bedroom a better place to sleep and you can breathe much easier.


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