Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil Review

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These past two months had been really hectic since I relocated to a new city. Now I am all settled in. It’s that time of the year when we all crave for some ice chilled water and cool popsicles. Yes, summers are here in full bloom. In this season, we tend to wash our hair quite often due to sweat and stickiness. However, this over-washing makes our hair really dry and limp taking away all the natural oils.

Same is the case with me. I wash my hair twice or thrice a week which makes my hair very frizzy and dry. Also, I usually face hair fall issues in this season every year. This time, I thought of trying Eyova which claims to help control hair fall. Read on to find out how this product fares.

• Prevents premature hair loss
• Prevents premature hair greying
• Repairs hair damage
• Reduces dandruff and improves scalp condition
• Improves hair’s shine and luster

INR 590 for 50 ml

• Massage Eyova on scalp and ensure it spreads evenly
• Leave it on 3 hours minimum, preferably overnight
• Wash it off with shampoo

My Experience with Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil:
I have naturally good and shiny hair. However, these days, due to the lack of time I am unable to take care of my tresses well resulting in major hair fall and dryness issues. My hair used to be really soft and smooth to touch but now it’s limp and lifeless.

The main reason behind getting this oil was to give nutrition to my hair as we all know the benefits of protein-packed eggs. Since I am married into a pure vegetarian Brahmin family, bringing eggs at home is just out of the question. This oil is a great substitute of those messy and smelly egg hair packs.

The packaging is very simple. The oil comes in a small plastic bottle with a flip open cap. I am not sure how travel-friendly it is since the lid might open accidentally.

The oil is quite dense and thick in consistency as compared to any other hair oil. The reason might be the presence of Canola Oil. I would have preferred some other oil like almond or olive over canola due to their benefits. It’s not sticky and easily spreads.

Since it’s a scalp oil, I have been using it mostly for massaging the scalp. For 1.5 months, I applied Eyova twice a week before washing my hair. I would massage it on hair roots and let it stay overnight before washing with a mild shampoo.

There is a distinct fragrance to it which is very difficult to identify. It smells more of an oil than eggs. However, when you wash with water, there is a very strong egg smell that fills the bathroom and it stays there for almost a day after which it fades away. If you are using a mild shampoo, you might have to shampoo twice or thrice for the oil and fragrance to completely go off. If used miserly, a bottle would last for 7-8 times for shoulder length hair like mine.

Coming to the results part, I don’t see any significant difference in hair fall. I am still losing almost the same amount of hair, maybe a few strands less. So there isn’t any drastic difference in hair fall issue. However, my hair is softer and shinier than before. Have received a few compliments on the shine part as well , which makes me happy. I cannot comment on the treatment of premature greying since I do not have that issue.

Pros of Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil:
• Spreads easily
• Doesn’t smell unpleasant on application
• Makes hair soft and shiny

Cons of Eyova Hair Nutrient with Egg Oil:
• Pricey
• Egg smell lingers on for quite some time in the bathroom
• Requires shampooing twice or thrice
• Doesn’t help much with hair loss
• Available only online

IMBB Rating:

Overall, it’s an OK product; nothing extraordinary. For the price you pay, many better options are available in the market that will provide similar results. If you are looking for a no-mess egg nutrition, you might give it a try since every hair type is different and it might work for you. Otherwise, it can be missed.


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