Early Pregnancy Symptoms- The Top 16 Signs Before You Miss A Period

Early Pregnancy Symptoms- The Top 16 Signs Before You Miss A Period
12. Pregnancy Symptoms before a Missed Period:
There are many small body changes that you might feel before the life in you starts to grow. Many symptoms show up before the actual missed period which one must carefully observe to confirm pregnancy.

1. Changes of hormones

2. Headache

3. Nausea

4. Spotting

5. Milky White Discharge

6. Cramping

7. Low appetite

8. Frequent Urination
If you observe this symptom, more than usual be 90% sure that you have conceived. Your uterus is to be blamed for this. It puts pressure on your bladder and gives it less space to store urine.

9. Areolas turning Darker

10. Tender Breasts

11. Cravings

12. Tiredness
The rise in progesterone levels signify that your body is preparing itself for pregnancy, this leads to tiredness. Take proper rest and care of your health, since the first few months are prone to miscarriages. If you feel tired just sleep for a while, this will help you regain your strength. It is very normal to feel lethargic and in no mood to do any kind of work.

13. Husband Aversion

14. Aversion towards smells

15. Mood swings

16. Constipation

A home pregnancy test is the only sure way to know whether or not you are expecting. Symptoms may give you a clue, but testing will help alleviate your worries and give you some answers to all your doubts and queries.

Measures taken once symptoms occur

Prenatal Care
Once you have a doubt whether you have conceived or not. It is the best to begin acting immediately. You must:

  • Start having folic acid with a prenatal vitamin
  • Break your meals into smaller ones and eat five to six times daily
  • Lower caffeine intake
  • Go meet the doctor as soon as possible and seek advice as to assure your baby remain in good health throughout gestation


No symptoms


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