21 Surprising Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Skin

In spite of using the coconut oil for cooking and extracted from the hard-shelled-nut-like fruit, it can be used for other purposes. Here are 21 skin benefits of coconut oil.

Effective body oil

If you have dry skin, then the coconut oil is the perfect remedy for you. You can rub some coconut oil, and you will have softer skin. You can utilize a homemade coconut lotion for this problem.

No more dry hands

You can solve the problem with dry hands, only by the utilization of coconut oil. You should keep some coconut oil near the garage or sink and you should rub that on your hands.

Face wash

This oil has moisturizing abilities. It also possess antimicrobial properties that help in cleaning your face. Coconut oil will eliminate bacteria and will aid in getting rid of pimples.

The end of a diaper rash

It is effective in relieving the pain and the redness because of the diaper rash. Applying a small amount on the affected areas will solve this problem.

A better body scrub

You can get rid of the dead skin, with a homemade body scrub made of coconut oil and sugar. Only a few scrubs a week will work great.

Massage oil

If you had a hard day at work, you should try a massage with coconut oil. It will help in soothing the muscles.

The perfect lip balm

The use of coconut oil lip balm will nourish your lips. Additionally, it will make your lips softer.

Prevent those stretch marks

Use coconut oil in order to reduce the post-pregnancy stretch marks. You should apply the oil four times a day.

Healing burns

The coconut oil can quicken the healing process, if you have a burn on your skin. It can also prevent secondary infections, because of its anti-bacterial properties.

Faster tattoo healing

You can apply coconut oil, if you have a fresh tattoo. By applying coconut oil, you will prevent any infection on the skin.

Makeup removal

If you are dealing with waterproof products, coconut oil is the ideal makeup remover. Apply it by using a cotton pad and wipe the makeup off. After that, wash it off with tap water.

Great aftershave

Use coconut oil as a natural after-shave. Apply it on the affected area and this will help you get rid of the irritation.

The natural sun screen

Because of its properties, it is an effective sunscreen. It will protect you from harmful UV rays.

Wrinkle cream

Coconut oil slows the aging process of your skin. Only by rubbing some coconut oil, you can put a stop to the ticking aging clock.

Eliminates cellulite

You can get rid of cellulite, by consistently using coconut oil.

Tanning oil

It is excellent tanning oil, and you will not have any side effects, because it is natural.

Soothing the skin

This oil soothes the itchiness, in case of chicken pox. Additionally, it can soothe the itchiness, if you touch poison ivy.

Natural deodorant

It can work as a natural deodorant, by applying it to the areas where you sweat the most.

Face mask

If you want to have a great face mask, you can make a mixture of coconut oil and honey. This mixture will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

Scar treatment

It can help in faster healing of scars, because it possesses antioxidants and vitamin E.

Gets rid of dandruffs

Coconut oil eliminates the dryness on your hair scalp. This problem will disappear, by massaging your hair with coconut oil once or twice a week.


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