How to make ribbon flower

Good day, dear master and mistress !!!)))

Today, once again I want to give you the combined production of the petal of 1.2 cm wide and 0.6 cm strips on the example “Strawberries and cream”. Petal is simple to manufacture and do not take your time.

For us you will need:

– Ribbon width of 1.2 cm,
– Ribbon width of 0.6 cm,
– A needle and thread,
– Lighter (candle)
– Scissors,
– Glue,
– Rhinestone or polubusinka, as well as accessories to decorate midway flower to your liking.

Take wide ribbons segments 1.2 cm long and 6.5 cm wide 0.6 cm long, 8 cm (can also take and less than 1.5 cm lengths).

Overturn wide ribbon (1.2 cm) on the back side and overlap with one edge of her narrow ribbon (0.6 cm) also face inward.

Overturn on the face and a narrow ribbon is performed on the face and dressed ago.

Here is the reverse side details at this stage.

Bend broad ribbon in half.

Overturn the item on the face, folded in half and sear the edge of the lighter.

Here and ready our lepestochek.)))

It remains only to decorate it with rhinestones or polubusinkoy.)))

For the flower, we need these 8 petals, which are sewn in the middle of a circle and decorate to your taste.

Who can make the suspension and to the flower.)))


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