How to sew slippers

How to sew slippers

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Hello Hello! I sewed her husband on 23 February slippers from old jeans, but took them and izrisovala.Kak liked all my creation, I decided to make all their native men, and will share with you all the details of this product! Please find vykroku:

Then cut out the parts of the sole 4, 2 bow and 2 sinteponovye. insole for rigidity I used the ceiling tile.

The insole of the roof tiles must be reduced by 0.5 cm. Jokes pins to her denim insole, so there was no bias.

Then top sinteponovye and dzhinsovuyu.Nachinaem otstrachivat again from the middle.

And so the two insoles delayed, excess cut off at the edges. Now okantuem stelechki piping. Start with the inside of the insole

Here is what bent edge inlay.

wrap edge and it turned out!


Now for the bow. Putting the item to the denim lining, and between them sintepon. Scrapie pins and ask that was not perekosa.Okantuem inlay.

View from the inside out.

If you see a thread that holds the details, remove the seam ripper.

Doris drawing, ironed and can be connected to the sole. You can certainly decorate and other (bow, color or pompon).


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