WARNING: How To Recognize Harmful Bleach And Chemical Laden Garlic From China

People may not be aware that the garlic they purchase or consume in the meals in restaurants may originate from China. The main issue here is that this garlic may be toxic.

USA actually imported 1/3 of the garlic from China in 2014. The truly bad thing about the garlic is the way it has been cultivated as some Chinese producers use law-forbidden pesticides in order to boost their products, like phorate and parathion that can impact one’s health.

If you want to protect your welfare you will have to learn how to recognize it.

  • Home-grown garlic is richer in taste.
  • Chinese garlic is lighter and less bulbous than the regular one.
  • The roots and the stems are often removed by the Chinese farmers in order to reduce weight and save on shipping. Thus if they are not removed, then the garlic should be safe for consumption.

The best way to enjoy garlic’s benefits is to start growing it on your own, or buy it from trusted local farmers.


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