Do You Smoke?! Here is How You Can Remove Nicotine From Your Body by Consuming These Foods!

We all know that cigarettes are bad for our health due to the harmful nicotine that they contain. Nicotine is known to cause different lungs damages and high blood pressure. These negative effects can last for 5 years even if you have stopped smoking.

If you just smoked 1 cigarette it will take only 10 seconds for the nicotine to be absorbed in your mouth, lungs, and brain. Nicotine can also increase the risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, below you have some foods which are said to remove nicotine from your body:

Water– is a very important element as it flushes out nicotine from your skin and body. Take 8-12 cups daily.

Broccoli– it protects your lungs from damage as it contains the vitamins C and B5.

Spinach- it doesn’t allow you to enjoy tobacco. It is very rich in folic acid.

Berries– can help you get rid of harmful toxins from your body.

Carrot Juice–  is very successful at eliminating nicotine from your body because it contains the vitamins A,B,C, and K.

Oranges– it reduces stress and enhances your metabolism because it is very high in vitamin C.

Kiwi-  smoking reduces vitamins A, C, and E. Kiwi is known to replenishes them.


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