See What Kind Of Woman Are You According To The Month In Which You Are Born

Ladies born in January are motivated,conservative and honest.They want to criticize but they don’t like to talk about their feelings,they are closed ladies.Hardly ever are angry, but when they are not be in their presence they want intelligent people that share same views of life.

These women are very sentimental,you should treat them with patience because of the changing temper, not everyone could understand  them.And if you let down them you will never see them again.

These women have strong charisma and charm,also are dedicated and loyal. They difficult fall in love.These woman are cute until you hurt her but in fact it is luxury to live with person like this.

Ladies born in April are diplomats have easy communication, but sometimes know to pity themselves. They are very jealous, which once if it burst, you better back off.  These woman will make you the happiest man on the planet. Only to those who deserve they open their soul .

These women are very persistent and dedicated to their principles and are very kind, in a physical way. Still, united with the difficult character, they become fatal to any man who falls in love with them because will remember as long as they are alive.

These woman are very creative and communicative , unique girls. But they have faith that this is right  “better truth to be told in the face, rather than spoken from the back” . In love are very troubling players. Men are like toys in their hands.

Ladies born in July are very  honest, mysterious,very intelligent, beautiful and at a higher level than the rest. Do not want arguments and are gentle to everyone. They usual suffer for the past times. Moreover if this July-woman falls in love in you, the highest mistake will be if you cheat her because you will lose her for good.

A exclusive combination of great heart and egoism.! Do not mess with these ladies, because sooner or later she will beat you.Despite being happy with an unbelievable sense of humor, they do not allow anyone to poke fun at them. If this happens, you won’t know what hit you. They always prefer to be in the spotlight and never suffer from men’s attention. Men lose their heads in their presence.

Ladies born in September are kind, disciplined, and beautiful girls but never forgive the one who will let down them. So be careful not to upset them because they’ll revenge you. September girls love long relationships. They are not girls for one night. On the other hand they are very critically tuned towards their partner and ask of him to meet all their needs. The man who would prove, he will win. Their mind does let them to make a error, no matter their heart wants the opposite.

These woman have demonstrate strength and independence,have an iron character,but are very touching. Hardly ever cry in front of other people. They are smart ,and don’t open their soul to everyone, knowing that people tend to exploit it. Other women often hate them because they envy them.

These woman is always one step ahead of everyone else. They immediately notice a lie. Don’t play with these women because you will get the worst end of it. And if you are ready to hear the truth, you never ask them for their opinion.

These woman are born with a lot of luck, impatient, too fast,  always find a way to get out of any situation as winners.  They know how to up the mood. Often, it takes only a few minutes to conquer you. Their heart is very good, people sometimes hurt them, but because God is on their side at the end they get what they deserve.
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