Red Alert: If Your Potatoes Look Like This You Should Throw Them Away Right Now!

This article will make you pay attention to the ” best by dates” of the products you buy like never before. If you thought that potatoes are good forever, then you have been wrong. There are cases when potatoes are bad for your health as they contain a toxin that wards of pests. You should throw it away if it turns green.

When people see the moldy bread they usually scrape off the mold and eat it. This is a very bad thing because it doesn’t only make you sick but can cause you different serious illness including cancer. The same goes for eggs. You should not eat certain eggs if you know that there are old and have been there in your kitchen for a long time. They may seem perfect but the truth is that the can cause salmonella.

Paying attention to the expiration date is highly important. Whenever you see that the expiration date of a certain product has passed you should throw it immediately.

The video below does an amazing job depicting what ” Expiration Date” really means!


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