9 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Now

Did you ever feel like quitting your job and going on a long vacation, and never coming back?

This is a feeling that most of us working in an organization experience at some point in time. We starve for a break from the daily burden of our lives. You keep on thinking of quitting your job, but the difficulty lies in knowing when the correct time to put down your papers is.

These nine signals will guide you whether it’s the right time to quit your job and search for a new one.

1. You dread going to work on Mondays (or maybe, every day).
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You find yourself in a trauma during Sunday nights because you know you have to go to the office the next morning. As soon as your alarm starts ringing in the morning, you start suffering from anxiety or stomach ache. Basically, you just look for reasons to escape the office for one or more days. And every day is the same for you.

2. You’ve become more negative than you used to be.
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You’re no longer the same person you used to be before joining the organization. You’ve lost the spark you initially had, and you just feel that you have lost yourself somewhere along the line.

3. You feel stressed all the time.
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The work pressure and the weather get on your nerves quite often. You feel claustrophobic, and headaches and irritation become a common phenomenon.

4. You have no interest in your work.
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You’re no longer concerned about the new plans or products that your organization is about to launch – or even the office gossips. You go and work only to get the paycheck.

5. You take your office stress home.
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You’re just tired of working overtime like a robot, and since you’re unable to finish it on time, you take your job to your home. By this, you not only take your work home with you but also the pressure and irritation.

6. You feel your talent is dying.
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And there is no room for advancement. Your boss does not consider your talent; instead, he/she is always there with a poor feedback.

7. You feel stuck all the time.
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You feel stuck and helpless all the time. You neither learn anything new nor do you have any interest. Your success ladder has stopped at a point.

8. You feel like an outcast.
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You feel that you do not fit in. You feel uncomfortable around everyone and everything.

9. Your health is suffering.
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Nothing is worth sacrificing your health and let me warn you – never ever let this happen to you!

Are you suffering from any of the things mentioned above? You know what is worse than leaving your current job? Staying in the same place!

So, if you ever experience the above things, just prepare your resignation letter, hand it to your boss, and start preparing for a better job and a better life.


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