How to make braided chain pigtail hairstyle

How to make braided chain pigtail hairstyle

Hello dear mistress! now u made for Tatiana lapusik, as well as for all those interested in Chain. Authorship is not mine! u all I am looking to YouTube.

The frontal area of ​​the person picking up a piece of hair, which we divide into 5 strands. Central strand make thicker I sharpen your attention to the fact that the average strand will always take the middle !!! rightmost strand and plants under its average take the leftmost strand, we start it at the middle and are crossed from the right take the left to the right strand, we start it at the far right, and we place over the middle strand left left strand factory under the extreme left, and superimposed over the middle strand, making the crossing with the previous one. top right strand superimposed over the bottom right and the plant under the average strand top left strand is superimposed over the lower left and the plant under average, crossing over from the previous Tighten all locks and get the first link upper right lock placed under the bottom right and top middle upper left placed under the bottom left and top middle, crossing over from the previous alternate item 7.8 and 10.11 Now try all over again, picking up the strands of loose hair on the left and the right and weaving them into a braid get here is weaving you can stay on this option and when you have mastered completely weaving, you can do so. I got it to 5 times


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