Brilliant! Doctors Found A Cure For Vitiligo!

The Histotherapy Center, from Havana, Cuba, concluded that application of a drug called Melagenina Plus can successfully cure vetiligo. This medication is made from human placenta and it has many properties that stimulate the production of melanocytes. Latest studies have shown that this remedy is effective in 86% of the cases. Most importantly this remedy has no side effects.

Use: Is performed for 3 consecutive days.

Day 1: there will be a presentation of explanatory meeting on the treatment for curing vitiligo. If the doctors think that it is necessary, they will put you through psychology consultation at no additional cost. 2nd and 3rd day you will be learning how to use Melagenina Plus. The doctors will show you how to go on with the home treatment. They will as well show you how to take proper amount of the medicine, according to the degree and extension of the disease on your body.


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