How the female sexual organ REALLY need to SMELL?

Every woman, when it comes to oral sexual relation feels unpleasant and worried.There are moments when you doubt if everything is OK with “her” smell “down there”.All doubts about the smell are most often amplified in the moments when is about oral sexual relation.Some of the most common questions: “How should vagina smell? Do I smell normal? What does a normal smell means? “

Dr. Ronald Blat is a surgeon and director of the gynecological center in Manhattan and he says that healthy vagina should not have any smell.Still, the vagina often have specific smell. Well, not such as to pass out of it, but every vagina most often has its own characteristic odor.Every person has a characteristic odor, and the same is with your vagina.Namely, when you just took a shower, there is a chance that your vagina has no odor, but after a marathon of having sexual relation, be assured that the vagina will “smell”.

Factors that affect the characteristic odor of the vagina: bacteria that live in it, your diet, materials, underwear, hygiene habits and many others. Don’t forget that the role of the vagina to emit pheromones which have the duty to make men being interested in you.

Mary Jane,gynecologist, says: “I would not know to tell you how the smell of vagina should be, but I can tell you how it should not smell.The vagina should not smell like rotten fish or anything else rotten. Such odor causing bacterial vaginosis, caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria. Ph value is also an important factor for vaginal odor.

Many women after menstruation feel that their smell of the vagina is changed.And many women notice these changes and after sexual relation. This is because the sperm, whose pH value is about eight.

The vagina cleans itself naturally produces and discharge through which ejects the bacteria from your body.

Furthermore,if you have a white discharge, or with very little yellow color, you do not have to worry about. Still, if it is gray, neon – green or yellow, you need to consult a gynecologist.


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