How to make notepad holder

How to make notepad holder

I’ll show how I made ​​the example of the cat.
So, we need:

  • felt hard matching colors,
  • hot gun,
  • flexible magnet,
  • ribbon,
  • scissors,
  • pen,
  • stained glass contour,
  • a small notebook,
  • and a template (the ladies at the end of the post)

Using the template cut out of felt right color detail.
In addition, cut out of felt a rectangle measuring 5.5 x 7.0 cm Applied to bloknotnitsy based notebook, pen outline the space, which will host a ribbon On hot glue glue the ribbon to the back of the bloknotnitsy, departing approximately 15 cm from the edge of the tape. The same hot glue gun parts cut from felt.
Wrapping the ribbon in front of a cat and glue it to the edge bloknotnitsy. Wrap the handle to cut a rectangle out of felt and glue the resulting roll of. Not removing the handle (it’s easier), a roll of glue to the bottom of the cat figurines. Well, like, his legs .

Glue a magnet behind bloknotnitsy

Stained loop draws the necessary details on the cat muzzle Tie a beautiful bow of ribbon on the side. It remains only to hang on to the ribbon notebook by sliding it under the cover of the tape:ALL! Our handsome ready! In the same way I did the owl: Mignon:
Eyes moving, hair – pieces of chenille wire. These are fun and useful gifts turned out


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