How to make birthday reminder wall hanging

Weekend held in an embrace with a piece of wood and paints))
My calendars proved to be quite popular, so I decided to do a couple of these as a gift for NG.

During fotkala process.
Sharing, suddenly someone come in handy thread;)

So, Leroy bought conventional casing 12 mm wide.

Saw off 65 cm from the

Corners round off rind

And then also round off the edge

White acrylic paint in 2 layers. Dries quickly)

Using the working time and work preparing a stencil printer in advance)))
A stencil right in the middle of the board of acrylic paint is applied DAYS

With the help of carbon paper translate birth and draw out a black marker.
Bottom mark up space suspension mounting. I got 33 mm from the edge and then every 53 mm. -. A total of 12 pieces
of the Month just write freehand marker.

By end drill small holes and screws are screwed with a ring, here are

And beautiful in their white color

Now tassels.
That such blanks are sold in my favorite handmade Magazev Leonardo, and indeed paint, brushes, ribbons and much more useful)
They have only one hole, so where you have to envisage a second call, and her husband with a drill))

Complicated science dyrkosverleniya is given to him is better))) I just mastered the wall and flower pots, and here it is necessary to carefully thin drill. Then there was a little hole poshkurit received that there was no burrs. The UPD: already mastered)) turned out to be even easier to wall)))

It turned out the way here such sticks – such as toothpicks, only longer. In my opinion it is something of a culinary theme, and I found them in children in the materials for handicrafts))))
Paint also in two layers

And so it is convenient to dry)

Numbers – through a stencil with paint names – a marker. On the reverse side of the year of birth.

Between a cup fastened rings such as such.
Bought at the store beads and beads

It remains to attach the ribbon behind and you’re done


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