Colds and flu are most widespread in the winter.Coughing is one of the most annoying symptom that occur during the season of colds and flu.

Natural remedies for coughs that are accepted as effective:

Honey- honey is the most popular and most effective means to relieve cough.Consuming honey before bedtime suppresses cough and improves sleep.Never give honey to a child less than 1 year.

Warm lemon water with honey- squeeze one lemon and add a tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water.This is a natural remedy for sore throat.

Onion syrup and sugar- The juice of onion is a popular remedy for cough.Preparation: Cut off the bottom of a red onion. Then cut off the top and carve out the onion so that you make a hole without having to drill bottom and fill it with 2-3 teaspoons of sugar. At the bottom with a knife with a sharp tip make small bites, place the onion on top of a cup or bowl and leave it overnight.Morning take the residual sugar which was in onion and mix it with luscious juice and drink the liquid.If you want you can sweeten with honey. Drink it twice a day.

Syrup of onions, garlic, thyme and honey- Mix half a cup of honey with half a cup of water and add one clove crushed onion and one clove crushed garlic then add a little thyme and leave the mixture to stand overnight.The next day, drain the liquid and drink it as a syrup. Store the syrup in the refrigerator.

Ginger Tea. Ginger can help to reduce cough. Prepare as a tea to use and benefits of consumption of hot liquid.


-Body temperature higher than 38 ° C;

-You can hear rough sound like static or playing when you breath;

-Pain or burning sensation in the chest;

-Difficulty in swallowing and breathing;

-Expectoration of thick greeny, pink or bloody sputum;

-A cough lasting more than one week and the situation is not improving.


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