How to make Japanese woman for wall art

How to make Japanese woman for wall art

The first associations with Japan: geisha, kanji, sakura, the film “Madame Butterfly” (when she was standing on the bridge, eventually formed the basis of my work)))

Now you’re ready!

We need a piece of cardboard and wooden sticks for barbecue.
The size of your choice. Sticks glued to cardboard, pre-cut off the excess length from the sticks. Bridge. A strip of cardboard the width slightly narrower than bobinki out of the thread. To better and more evenly bent our bridge bigu several times. We form a bridge .. glue the bottom of the cardboard strip to secure it You can now paste bobinki. Already similar to bridge))) Then I decided to paste a layer of cloth, and the bridge, and on the basis of our Primed bridge. The basis painted over in red. Now is the time to make ramku.Razmer on the inner perimeter of 18 cm x 18 cm. The depth of 4 cm. The width of the frame 2 cm. Folded, glued. At the bottom it is necessary to cut out a place for our bridge. Try on. Garnish with sprigs of painting – flowers (we could add characters, but I do not know) Paint the frame in the desired color. Initially I planned gold, but then I dyed it black. We commend the work as a whole: not only been repainting the frame, but also a bridge to the end))) Like it? – Is it possible to glue. The final touch – Japanese!


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