He Takes A Potato And Rubs It On His Grill. The Reason? Genius! Why Did I Not Know This Before?

Grilling season is here and is being taken full advantage of. Grilling is great, but the stuck food on the rack is not.

Grilling the steaks on the grill just has that particular taste that you can’t get from cooking them on anything else. So, while you’re grilling on your gunked up grill, this guy had a brilliant idea for his grill. I mean, who wants to cook on a grill that has left over food on it?

You know when you cook on a grill that food sticks like no one’s business. I hate when my food gets stuck in the skillet, especially the grill. If you want to enjoy your grilled food without bits and pieces being left behind on the racks, take this man’s idea and do it yourself.

This man takes a potato to his grill. Why? Potatoes provide a coating on the grill rack to prevent the sticking of food. Just cut a potato in half and stab it with a fork. When your grill has been heated up, take the potato and rub it along the rack. Do this a couple of times and you should hear an audible sizzling. The starch from the potato forms a barrier between the food and the grill rack. Do this every time before you grill so your food doesn’t stick!


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