6 Aloe Vera based cosmetics you should try out for great skin

When it comes to skin-care, we know too well how going natural works the best. Aloe Vera, in that, is a plant that is nothing short of magical when it comes to making your skin glow and treating nearly all of the skin and hair problems that exist. Using Aloe Vera based cosmetics is one of the best ways to treat your skin, especially if it’s sensitive to chemicals.

If you’re not sure how to get your hands on Aloe extracts, here are 6 of the best Aloe Vera based cosmetics that you can find in India which work great!

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Aloe Sunscreen

Next time you decide to use a sun-screen and want to go natural, Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma magic is what you should choose. It’s quite effective and comes in different SPF ranges for you to choose from. And all it costs is a mere Rs.160. (BUY HERE)

Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Blush Cleansing Face Wash

Cleansing is something you should definitely make a part of daily skin-care regime for all the pollution and nothing cleanses like Aloe. Dr.Jamuna Pai’s Blush cleansing face wash is an aloe product that you should definitely try. It isn’t expensive either and is all of Rs.300.

Just Herbs Silksplash Facewash

Just Herbs has got a great line of cosmetics of natural-make. Aloe face wash that comes under their line of face washes, silk splash is definitely worth a try if Aloe works wonders on your skin. This face wash is priced at Rs.245. (BUY HERE)

Forest Essentials Aloe Vera Facial Gel

Among all of Forest Essentials’ products, their aloe vera facial gel is one that aloe-obsessed people must definitely try out. Use it everyday for about a month and you’ll be surprised at the effect it can have on your skin. It is a wee bit more expensive that the rest of the Aloe products being priced at a Rs.1,176. (BUY HERE)

Kama Ayurveda Cold-pressed Aloe Juice

Aloe juice can be used in multiple ways for skin. And there’s no better Aloe juice available in the Indian market that the one that is made by Kama Ayurveda. Get a bottle of aloe juice that was made by cold compression and is priced at a Rs.500 and see it work its magic on spots, marks and in clarifying your skin in general. (BUY HERE)

Ananda in the Himalayas Aloe mask

Ananda in the Himalayas is yet another brand that’s got a great line of naturally made products, their aloe mask being one of them. It is expensive in that a small bottle costs a Rs.1105, but it’s worth the money. (BUY HERE)


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