Here is How To Find Is Something Abnormal With Your Periods

When talking about periods, many people are interested in knowing something about it. Period is the time of the women. Many women feel a lot of pain during the period, and according to doctor’s advice it is the time when the occurrence of infection in private part is maximized. In this article we will talk about the abnormality that might occur in periods.

Vital signs
You should check your blood pressure. If it is not normal, you have to consult your doctor. If you do not do this, it will affect your body temperature.

How long?
It is not normal, if you are having more than 6 heavy flows in tampons.

Blood clot factor
You have to check the platelet levels. If they are not normal, you should start eating food that is rich in fiber.

Are you pregnant?
You have to check in. In a case of having negative results, then it could be a sign of miscarriage.


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